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    Bannockburn School continues to be committed to incorporating technology in daily learning.  Students and teachers in all disciplines have access to computers, SMART Board interactive whiteboards, TV's , VCRs, DVD players, scanners, digital cameras, video cameras, and a variety of application programs such as Microsoft Office 2011, Apple iLife 11, Apple iWorks 09, Kid Pix, Adobe Photoshop Elements, SMART Notebook and more.  
    Students in grades 5 - 8 utilize technology with the benefit of our one to one laptop program.  Students in grades 3 & 4 share a laptop cart. This program allows students to work on Microsoft Office/Apple iWorks presentations and Internet Research throught the academic day.  A mobile cart of 15 iPads is now available for any classroom's use and are loaded with cross-curriculuar apps that are both exciting and creative.  Photoshop Elements provides our students an additional means to encourage creativity in art class as well as other curricular areas.   Bannockburn's progressive technology program allows students an opportunity to improve their critical thinking skills while participating in project based learning.  
    Teachers incorporate technology in the delivery of their instruction by demonstrating concepts, illustrating ideas and enabling collaboration through SMART Board interactive whiteboards.  Seventeen classrooms are now equipped with interactive whiteboards along with ceiling mounted projectors allowing for a full emersion of interaction between student and teacher.  
    Bannockburn School has a permanent computer lab housing 28 iMac's, and lower school classrooms have a minimum of 4 computers each. Additionally, our grades 5 - 8 laptop program technology is in constant use. Furthermore, all computers now have Internet access through the AT&T Opteman Fiber connectivity.  The building's wireless system and our servers allow for individual accounts for all teachers, staff and students.  Data can be accessed throughout the building from any computer and/or location.  Bannockburn School technology remains focused on preparing our students for the new millenium.  




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